All about bodyweight training

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You can train with your own weight in the gym and at home, developing a beautiful muscle relief and a well-proportioned physique.

Bodyweight exercises for weight gain and weight loss

Own weight is a good helper in building mass, since such sets affect the muscles in the same way as an iron-a barbell or dumbbells. To start the effect, follow the Basic Rules:

1. Control the time interval. Most muscle fibers are included in the work after 40 seconds of performing the exercise, so you need to focus on the duration, not the number.

2. Increase the load. You can not only easely increase the approximate number of repetitions in the approach, but also reduce the rest time, slow down the pace or train with any home weights.

3. Work to the limit. Use all the possibilities of the body-performing sets involving only one limb guarantees a huge return. You don't have to choose the complex version.the light version is also suitable.

4. Pause. Hold one position for 5 seconds during the exercise to start muscle growth, strengthen them, and make them more resilient.

5. Enable Sets in the negative phase. Since more muscles are involved in the negative phase of the movement, for training with your own weight, such sets will be an excellent substitute for lifting the barbell. Push-ups, go down on the horizontal bar to make sports effective.

Self-weight sets are also suitable for weight loss-just take into account the nuances:

1. Focus on complexity. The most energy-intensive movements are always difficult-the burpee confidently holds the crown here. Be sure to include it in your home workout routine if you want to lose weight.

2. Load on the legs. Sets on the leg muscles activate breathing, thereby triggering fat burning processes. Long training sessions. Train with your own weight for 50-60 minutes, because the first 40-45 minutes do not use fat as fuel, but glycogen.

3. Stress factor. The secret to effective training at home is to involve all muscle groups. Combine squats with skipping rope, push-ups, and vary the load-this will speed up weight loss.